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Healthier Solutions from nature

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Healthier Solutions from nature



APPETIGHT contains Hoodia Gordonii. The best part is, numerous clinical studies reported no side effects and adverse reactions in taking Hoodia.

There is no magic in Hoodia. Its mystery is supported by science. Hoodia contains glycosides. The glycoside P57 in Hoodia has been used since ancient times by San Bushmen.

The addition of Caralluma fimbriata enhances the effect of Hoodia.

Supplementing APPETIGHT in your fitness program allows you to be more in control over the type of food you eat and the quantity you actually consume. It may also help with endurance training such as triathlons and marathons.

Dosage: take 1 – 2 capsules 15 minutes before lunch and dinner.

* available in box of 30 capsules – Php 937.50

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As we make a firm resolve to keep fit and stick to our weight management program, there are days when we feel the irrepressible desire to “quit the diet” and eat. Usually this happens when we start going to the gym and sweating it out, or even just a day after observing a strict diet. We “reward” ourselves by eating a few slices of cake, or take a small bite off a chocolate bar, or an extra serving of rice.

It is natural for the body to feel this way, because having been on a strict diet or a physically taxing endeavor, the body has been placed on “survival mode”. So for people wanting to cut calories, they fall into the trap and experience weight on a see-saw.