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Healthier Solutions from nature



Weight loss supplement for enhancing energy expenditure, endurance, and the burning of fat stores during exercise.

HydroLean, a 100 {901d15d14cf39d34281143f16091f83d4eec22d0f0da3790709c54670f6f3a69} natural slimming drink with chromium and Roselle, is the latest scientifically manufactured dietary supplement available in the market. It enhances energy expenditure, burns fat stores, and increases endurance during exercise.

HydroLean has 1,500 mgs (the therapeutic dose) of L-carnitine. It contributes in improving stamina, muscle building, and in reducing feelings of hunger and weakness. Its combination with Brindleberry (Garcinia Cambogia) makes for greater impact. Brindleberry contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) inhibits the conversion of carbohydrate to fat and increases the body’s store of glycogen, thereby reducing appetite and increasing energy levels.

HydroLean also contains the superfood Roselle. Rich in HCA, Roselle gives HydroLean its distinct cranberry-like flavor and complements the function of brindleberry. Roselle is a good source of anthocyanin.

Other ingredients of HydroLean are extracts of banaba, ginger, guarana, and chromium polynicotinate.

* available in box of 14 sachets – Php 1,117.50

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Stress leads to fat accumulation. This observation is borne out by research. Nutritionists and endocrinologists have said this time and again. Hence, those who want to lose weight are advised to keep this in mind if they want to reap the benefits of the weight management regimen they have embarked on and stay with it for the long term.

Why does stress lead to the accumulation of fat? Stress triggers the body’s automatic response system to compensate for the severe depletion of energy, nutrients, and the weakening of the body’s natural immune mechanism.

When people are under tremendous stress they lose sleep, become restless, and irritable. When this happens, they instinctively reach for the comfort foods that allow them to function until they have accomplished the task they have set out to finish. These comfort foods are loaded with sugar, oil, fats, and all the other “forbidden” ingredients that wreak havoc not only on diet programs but on the body’s natural absorption of nutrients from the foods they eat.

People who lack sleep are “perpetually” hungry. This is because the body requires double the amount of fuel it gets from food to sustain it for long stretches that it is actively engaged in work. Under normal conditions, the fuel the body gets from three regular meals and two small snacks is enough to sustain it for eight to ten hours of work on a daily basis. This, plus seven to eight hours of sleep everyday allows the body to regenerate and function optimally. When this routine is disrupted, everything goes haywire and sets off a string of consequences that leads to obesity, hypertension, respiratory ailments, and a weakening of the body’s immune system.

Even under normal circumstances, however, it has been established that the body’s nutritional needs cannot be entirely supplied by the foods we eat. This is because absorption of nutrients from foods varies from one individual to another. There are also some vitamins and minerals that are not easily absorbed by the body from natural foods. This is the reason why supplementation in the diet is necessary.

This is particularly true for people embarking on a weight management program. Hence, the best line of defense is to come under the supervision of a dietitian or nutritionist. Also as people advance in age (those 40 years old and above), it is established that the body’s nutritional needs cannot be supplied entirely by the nutrients that come from the foods they eat. Choosing the supplement to take is therefore another critical decision along with a commitment to embark on a regular exercise program.